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Master Post: "Salt of the Earth"

Title: Salt of the Earth
Author: yaycoffee
Characters: Gen: Sam and Dean, Joan and Grace
FANDOM: Supernatural/Joan of Arcadia crossover
Rating: PG-13 (maybe R for Dean's sailor mouth)
Disclaimer: Characters and universes are not mine. They are Barbara Hall's and Eric Kripke's. I used this site as a reference and used some of the text. No infringement intended.
Word Count: About 20K total
Summary: Sam and Dean have come to stop the something that is killing co-eds in Nebraska, Joan and Grace are right in the line of fire, and God hasn't so much left the building, as he's being a pain in Joan's ass, giving her a mission for her first college spring break that might just save the world.

Author Notes: I'm making time my bend to my will here--well as far as Joan of Arcadia is concerned. For the purposes of this story, Joan and Grace are freshmen in college, making this almost two years since the series ended. I've assumed that the Spiritual Battle storyline that would have been in season three has been fought and won. There are Supernatural spoilers through 4x22, and any and all of the Spn plot stuff will be totally AU once season five starts.

So, so very many thanks to berrylicious877, who held my hand the whole way and made sure I didn't freak out too much. I simply could NOT have done this without her! Also to munin_and_hugin and divajess who were lovely betas and encouragers throughout this whole process. I love you, ladies!

Salt of the Earth

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three]
Tags: crossover, fic, gen, joan of arcadia, supernatural

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