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yaycoffeewrites's Journal

YayCoffee's Writings
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Writings of YayCoffee
This journal is a writing archive for yaycoffee. Most of it is fan fiction, but there might be the occasional original piece every once in a blue moon. I write mostly for the Harry Potter and Supernatural fandoms, but I have several other fandoms that I also have dabbled/will dabble in.

Fandom Genre Terms:

Gen - a story not based around any sort of romance
Het - a story with a heterosexual romance as a key ingredient
Slash - a story with a homosexual relationship as a key ingredient

I write all of these genres, so if you are bothered by anything you see above, please mind the tags and story descriptions.

You cannot post to this community because I am the only member, but you are welcome to watch it if you like. (In fact, I'd be honored if you would!)